Very Sexy For Him 2 Cologne by Victoria Secret [Review]

Very Sexy for Him 2 has a variety of scents mixed together to create a sexy confident fragrance that appeals to all. Most users and reviewers of this product say it smells very good and those around them enjoy the smell it radiates. Reviewers also second the fact that the scent strength is not too strong and does not overwhelm those around the wearer.
Very Sexy For Him 2 Cologne
Very Sexy For Him 2 is a combination of masculinity and sweetness that makes this cologne one of the most selling. It is recommended for daytime and causal use by any type of guy.

Very Sexy For Him 2 cologne by Victoria Secret comes in a short square glass bottle. It is transparent with a turquoise liquid inside. The bottle is very simplistic in appearance with only “VERY SEXY FOR HIM 2″ written in the center. The writing is bold and a goldish color. The bottle is made of thick glass for durability and the top pops off and is grey-silver. The top is rectangular in shape and has no writing on it. This cologne has notes of green peppercorn, lavender, nutmeg, juniperberry, cardamom, white sage, bourbon, fennel and melozone. It also contains hints of vetiver, tangerine, pink lime, geranium, guaiac wood, teak, musk, rosewood and sandalwood.

It is a budget friendly cologne and, is available in a 1 oz bottle which retails for $30.00, a 1.7 oz bottle which retails for $40.00 and a typical 3.4 oz bottle which retails for $50.00. Purchasers of this product usually find themselves so intrigued and in love with the scent that they also opt to purchase the shower gel and shaving balm. This is a great gift for a husband or boyfriend and is available for purchase in gift sets and on its own at select stores.



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