Lapidus Pour Homme Cologne by Ted Lapidus For Him [Review]

Lapidus Pour Homme cologne was first launched all the way back in 1987 and is more of a spicy, lavender scent. It comes in a rectangular shaped grey bottle. On the sides there are ridges which provide for better gripping and create a unique design. At the top center of the bottle “LAPIDUS” “POUR HOMME” is written in black font. Towards the bottom of the container “EAU DE TOILETTE TED LAPIDUS PARIS” is written in small black bold font. The bottle has a very intricate unique appearance with the ridges described earlier and a gold brim. The brim is small, sleek and gold plated by the top and spray nozzle. The cover is black and also contains ridges on both sides for bettering gripping. The top is designed so that it pushes down to spray and does not come off as other fragrance tops do.
Lapidus Pour Homme Cologne
Lapidus Pour Homme contains notes of lily, thyme, lemon, orris amber, woods, lavender, juniper and spices. It is very masculine and exudes a confident vibe. This fragrance is best worn in a romantic setting and will woo any female that you come in contact with. People who are a fan of this cologne will also enjoy Chrome by Loris Azzaro and Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche. Reviewers state that this cologne scent is long lasting, great smelling and draws many compliments. It is consistent with a citrus and fruit style and radiates freshness. The scent strength of this product is very strong and can sometimes be overwhelming. A mentioned earlier, the scent life is long lasting, sometimes holding on as long as sixteen hours, which is quite long for a fragrance. Then again, if your someone on the go and can’t reapply and always want to stay smelling great, this might be perfect for you.

Lapidus Pour Homme cologne is recommended for a more mature classy man. LAPIDUS can be purchased in a 1 oz bottle which retails for $25.00. a 1.7 oz bottle which retails for $35.00 and a 3.3 oz bottle which retails for $47.00.



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